HOUSING BUILDING BETWEEN PARTY WALLS // Telde, 2016 // Project in progress

This apartment building has been named “damas” (checkers), dA+, as a reference to the classic board game where pieces always move diagonally, the same notion used in the project for configuration of the façades. The elevations widen on both façades, acting as screens, adapting the specificities of each orientation. Facing calle Lola Massieu, configured as horizontal patios, several observation points look out on to the Atlantic. To the West, the façade features brise soleil prefabricated solar shading pieces, vertically arranged, which top the access hallway to the house units, an indoor avenue enclosed by patios that serve as dividing lines with the building’s interior glazings. All dwelling have access to both façades for cross ventilation and spread over the whole width of the plot, adding to the effect of spaciousness of each unit, which is regarded as a home in itsef.

25-Unit Party Wall Apartment Building with 4 commercial premises on the ground floor, 25 parking spaces on the basement level and 29 storage units. It has been projected as a four-storey apartment building, from first to fourth floor, plus penthouse. Entrances to the office premises, parking area and residences are all located on the ground floor. All the stories for residential use consist of five units. Adjoining the North-East party wall, there is a vertical communicating hub with access to longitudinally arranged corridors, which contain the entrances to the units. These longitudinal spaces are painted in one single colour each, warmer hues on the lower floors and cooler on the upper stories.


DESIGNER: Pedro Romera García, Ángela Ruiz Martínez |Romera y Ruiz Arquitectos S.L.P.|   //   DEVELOPPER: Private

COLLAGORATORS: Carlota Ardanaz Petit, Yudit Barreto Martín, Paula Cabrera Fry, José M. López Cabrera, Carlos Marrero Macías y Rosalba Santana González |ARCHITECTS|

STRUCTURES: Romera y Ruiz Arquitectos S.L.P.  //  FACILITIES: CQ Ingenieros y Asociados

SITUATION: Calle Lola Massieu  //  CITY: Telde, Gran Canaria, España  //  BUILDING COMPANY: Las Maguas 2008 Construcciones S.L.