Landscape Exchanges


MARITIME PARK IN LAS PALMAS // Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 2016

A new horizontal platform for this part of the sea front of the city-harbor. A new waterline, over the alive high tides, by Santa Catalina dock where cruise ships berth, over a breakwater whose stuffing has been gained from the ocean in front of the harbor named “de La Luz y de Las Palmas”, previous to the isthmus between the beach and the harbor development. The design prolongs the city over habor bay between the naval base and the unfortunate shopping mall, blockage to the opening of the harbor to the city . In this context, this new free space, creates a new stepped room, made of concrete and stone, transition between the interchange bus station and the ocean, which ends in a suspended horizontal surface over the thin layer of water tamed by the sequence of harbor docks and piers, concluded by a glass banister allowing the enjoyment at different levels the constant bustle of goods, containers and passengers.