Europan5_ Dubrovnik


DUBROVNIK // Croacia, 2005

Along kilometres of coastline, earth and ocean joyfully meet. The Green Plane sits calm and peaceful, while the Blue Plane is misleading, sometimes placid sometimes surprisingly mischievous, turning rebellious and boisterous up until Uvala Laoad, where it wishes to engage in conversation and gently penetrates inland, as if seeking shelter. And the Green Layer, despite its abrupt character, cannot oppose, and beaming, pulls back, submitting and embracing it…The Blue Plane, smiles back and they both create THE SHELTERED SPACE.

Then, little houses and tiny trails started to show up, and the Green Layer offered its contours, where they quietly began to settle. But only for the large hotels to come stomping in, sketching roads that traverse and divide…and both layers couldn’t quietly speak any more, they could hardly hear each other, their voices ever attenuated, nobody was able to notice them now. Not even the great Orange Layer, who responded it was too far off and did not know how to come closer. And there they were, the three great layers: The Blue and Green Layers struggling to not lose their voice, and the Orange Layer trying to figure out how to meet them.

What if the approval of both the green and blue layers was required to occupy the Sheltered Space? Also, as a nod to the orange layer to help it overcome its loneliness, a landscape planning strategy may be developed, giving the area a renovated appearance in conformity with the appreciation it demands and deserves. One must wonder what would happen if the two great hills that surround the area acted as natural boundaries, and a new more versatile model was implemented. A model able to couple with the existing network and adapt to the requirements of the environment and tourist activity. Instead of providing a single rigid holiday offer that returns an identical response from all visitors, why not consider bringing diverse types of travellers by presenting them multiple options, thus avoiding tediousness and opening up the possibility of welcoming recurrent visitors? Sustainability, regulation and balance to transform the Sheltered Space into a SHELTER for those who treasure local fabrics and communicate with them, so they will never lose their voice.



DESIGNER: Pedro Romera García, Ángela Ruiz Martínez |Romera y Ruiz Arquitectos S.L.P.|

COLLABORATORS: María Isabel Álvarez Benitez, Jose Manuel Linares López, Juana María Sánchez Gómez y Antonio Jesús Torres Sánchez|ARCHITECTS|

PHOTOGRAPHY: Romera y Ruiz Arquitectos S.L.P.