URDIMBRE // Urban Solutions Competition, 2007

BRINGING VALUES BACK Multifunctional and juxtaposed fragments that result from the occupation of the outskirts, in the vicinity of urban main roads and communication networks. Fragments that reshape the landscape, and devour it though. The proposed design highlights the inherent richness of the location, minimizing actions and occupation of the land, contributing to the notion of continuity of open space.

DWELLING BETWEEN THE EARTH AND THE SKIES The new urban shape appears as an interval, levitating over the silhouette of the terrain. We interweave a warp and weft of social houses, biased glances, routes, patios and penetrating light beams. We incite you to stare and get lost in the horizon between the silhouette of the terrain and the residential core. The journey under this intricate fabric makes you look at the past. The layer emerges, suspended over its own shade, as if the sunbeams made it levitate, and we create an illusionist atmosphere that morphs throughout the day. This particular location amid towns -and ravines-, in the middle of quarter and sea, makes unrestricted territorial action possible and enables us to liberate the territory and earn an urban empty space in its totality. Out of respect we must converse with the land, whispering sweet words in its ears. A series of support concrete slabs create areas that are sheltered from the winds, call your attention and set the course. On top of these, we weave a suspended fabric that extends up to the sky and captures light, fresh air, rain water and makes the landscape an integral part of the construction. The whole fabric is woven through a direct correlation with nature while safeguarding privacy. Houses and residential units that mutate and gravitate toward patios and empty spaces above the ground, offering framed views of the scenery and the skies. Local natural events and occurrences are part and parcel of the way of life this habitat provides.


– Choice of site to optimize sun exposure and natural ventilation, as well as to minimize the movement of soil, respecting its natural unexploited appearance.

– Use of recycled/reused/renewable materials for the removable construction sections of the building.
– Availability of recycling and waste management installations.
– Maximize harnessing of sunlight.
– High thermal capacity, heat recovery and improved insulation.
– Smart design in terms of natural ventilation.
– Water saving by reusing rain and grey waters.
– Solar energy harnessing throughout the most part of the envelope.
– Solar protection and light reflection elements.


DESIGNER: Pedro Romera García, Ángela Ruiz Martínez |Romera y Ruiz Arquitectos S.L.P.|