Vecindario Station


VECINDARIO STATION // Santa Lucía de Tirajana, 2011

Every space is contained between the lines, proportions and mostly in the diagonals. All potential shapes are included, an architectural entity of minimum mass and maximum inertia. The agricultural space of Vecindario embraces geometry to describe its singular layout (terrain, surface and lines), defining the property lines and developing into an architectural language of its own.

Amid the sky and the clouds, space is confined between the lines and resembles a network of shapes in countless presentations, moving across all the available extension of the station. The resulting ensemble is an open clean space, where every point is visible from anywhere in the station. The light goes from one shade spot to an illuminated one, over and over. All configurations are realizable, one can almost go over any desired path. The place is defined by every new step, by each new footprint; its particular geometry is complemented by the sea view, the programme, the weather conditions (wind and exposure to sunlight), all possible routes and spaces (entrance from Vecindario, parking area, etc.) The landscape on the background intertwines with the building between the lines, subject to the terms and conditions set out by the architectural structure -or envelope- of the station, providing it with the highest possible freedom.



DESIGNER: Pedro Romera García, Ángela Ruiz Martínez |Romera y Ruiz Arquitectos S.L.P.|

COLLABORATORS: Paula Cabrera Fry, Daniel Domínguez, Jorge Hernández  y Rocío Narbona Flores |ARCHITECTS|